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Abbott, Jesse
I was published here, but I have not updated my bio yet. Please check back.
Alsbury, Kate
Kate Alsbury is a freelance writer and editor. She is currently the editor at Jalmurra.
Anderson, Duane
IDuane currently lives in La Vista, NE, and volunteers with the American Red Cross as a Donor Ambassador on their blood drives. He has had poems published in Poetry Quarterly, Fine Lines, The Ibis Head Review, Carcinogenic Poetry, Wilderness House Literary Review, Indiana Voice Journal and several other publications.
Anstey, Stephan
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Ascough, Stephanie
Stephanie Ascough is a writer, wife, and mother, not necessarily in that order. She enjoys writing fantasy, flash fiction, children's stories, and anything that comes from the heart. You can reach her at her blog, stephanieascough.wordpress.com. rn
Austin, Gavin
Gavin Austin lives in Sydney, Australia and writes fiction, free verse and Japanese-form poetry. His work has been published in many Australian journals and anthologies, been broadcast on Australian Community Radio, and has been successful in numerous writing competitions. Gavin's writing has also appeared in literary publications in NZ, the USA and the UK. Gavin was the featured poet in the January 2016 edition of cattails. His poetry collection (short and long poetry) titled Shadow Play was published in 2010. He is currently at work on a new collection.rnrn
Bachy, Rachel
Hi! I'm a student currently enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh studying English Literature and the History and Philosophy of Science. I have a passion for poetry, although I find most creative outlets to suit my fancy. Despite the uncertainties that lay in the field of humanities, I find renewing passion in art of all forms. I truly believe in the thought that words and ideas can change the world; hopefully, mine can, too.
Bardwell, Caroline
Caroline is a resident and native of upstate New York. She is a professional geologist, mother, and lover of music, poetry, art and nature. She recently began writing poetry after a difficult time and is grateful to have found a suitable form of self-expression. She enjoys writing about the human experience, concrete imagery, nature and faith. She is on Instagram as wholeheart79.
Barnett, Sandra
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Barry, Aaron
I was published here, but I have not updated my bio yet. Please check back.
Bates, Gabriel
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Baverso, Vincent
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Bebbling, Ally
Ally received her BA in Creative Writing from Arizona State University and her MFA in Creative Writing from Oregon State University-Cascades. When not getting lost in the Cascade Mountains with her Thai Ridgeback, Waffles, you can find Ally reading, writing, and fending off ghosts in her haunted Bend bungalow.
Beech, Paul
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Mark served as an Airborne Ranger in Vietnam, and went on to graduate from Indiana University with a BA English/Writing. An active Bonsai artist, he also enjoys the pursuit of Haiku. He is a published poet, which includes 50 Haikus.

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