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Grace Neff
I am a full time English major, and I hope to one day teach at a college level. Poetry is my newest obsession. I also love classic literature. I believe words are just sounds until someone gives them meaning, and clear effective communication is the lifeblood of society.
Martin Rae Brownsend
More than 40 years ago, I was Project Director and Founder of The Fields of Earth Poetry Competition and Writers" Ink Guild in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I thought if Johnny Appleseed can plant apple trees why couldn't the fields be planted with seeds to sprout in the ART SELF and SELF MEANING. I was accepted in the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Circumstance and happenstance. For 41 years plus, my soul was/is found in the goodness of another person. She has nurtured the Good in this vacuous Soul that originated via honky tonks, airmen and girls of high school, sleeping in a Mercury under the Arizona desert midnight, and chasing rabbits in the Grapes of Wrath Weedpatch fields. My pen name honors this lady's father --- as all would say, A Good Man; my mother, and an aunt that cared for me! Without---I am blackened as toast from a vagrant jukebox!
Nicholson, Megan
Megan Nicholson (she/her) is a writer, educator, and mother of three boys living in Southeast Michigan. Her poetry enjoys an audience of her dog, cat, and seven chickens.
Nielsen, Ayaz daryl
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Nystrand, Kasha
I was published by 50 Haikus.
O'Brien, Jessica
Jess is an undergraduate student and fledgling poet.
O'Donnell, JoyAnne
I was published by 50 Haikus.
OBrien, Sarah
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Oakshadow, BanWynn
BanWynn Oakshadow has been a writer, artist and poet since 1978. He loves to explore the endless opportunities for self-expression through the written word. His professional writing is primarily speculative fiction, generally short stories and novellas. Poetry zines are a treasured opportunity to explore other kinds of writing. His poetry has appeared in Literary Orphans, Rising Phoenix Review, Young Ravens Literary Review, The Were-Traveler, Wolf Warriors III, [adjective][species], Civilized Beasts, and many others. His chapbook "Zen Torn Inside Out" will be published in 2017 and his first two novels are due for publication in 2018. BanWynn, his husband and their demented dog live in Sweden on a 400 year-old farm in the middle of a remote forest grown over a Viking village gone a thousand years.
Ohanian, Raffi
I was published here, but I have not updated my bio yet. Please check back.
Olson, Rebecca
A former flat-lander, RJ moved to the west coast on a whim. She now watches clouds roll in across the mountains instead of thunderheads towering over the plains. Her poetry has appeared in Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, and Dark Moon Rising.
Orlando, Justin
Justin Orlando is a writer and musician hailing from Charlottesville, Va. His poems have appeared in magazines such as Frogpond and Three Line Poetry. He is currently focusing on performing service work through out the mid-western and eastern U.S.
Ostley, Angela
I was published here, but I have not updated my bio yet. Please check back.
Passiatore, Roseann
I am a resident and native of Long Island, NY. As an English teacher for 35 years, I have shared my passion for the power of language with young people through the use of many creative genres. I started writing poetry at a very young age as a way to release a suppressed voice. It was, and continues to be, therapeutic and transformative. I hope my words will touch the hearts of those who read it.
Vivian D. Nixon
In the late 1990s, Vivian served three years incarcerated in a New York State Prison. It was the single most cathartic experience of her life. In prison, she became an educator and mentor to women of all ages. Vivian fell in love with words while she was growing up in the suburbs of Long Island, NY in the 1960s. She has always loved reading, writing and speaking words out loud. it took Vivian fifty years of struggle to turn grappling with words and language into a lifestyle. She had many starts and stops before receiving an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts at age 60. Vivian is a Pen America Justice Writing Fellow and has been writing opinion, poetry, and fiction about issues of social justice since 1998. Vivian says words taught her to defend herself with wit and wisdom. She finds joy in the freedom of creative self-expression and hopes is helps to reduce othering in our society.

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