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Kristina V. Ramos
Kristina V. Ramos is a student from Sacramento, CA.
Paul, Marianne
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Pella, Patricia
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Pepper, Jen
Canadian born wanderer. Lives in central New York. Wonders.
Pettit, Jonathan
Poet, fiction writer, and teacher. Contact me: desktodawn@gmail.com
Piet, Dottie
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Pledger, Lynne
Lynne Pledger, born in Washington DC, has lived her adult life in New England. She is a freelance writer, with a book on regenerative agriculture coming out next year from Chelsea Green Publishing. Her published fiction includes “Gwenhwyfar” and “Just a Little Bit Closer." Her haiku "April" appear in 50 Haikus #17.
Potter, Martin
Martin Potter lives in York, England, and has published a pamphlet, 'In the Particular', with Eyewear Publishing.
Potyondy-Smith, Andrea
I was published here, but I have not updated my bio yet. Please check back.
Pugatch, Ana
Ana Pugatch is currently the Poetry Heritage Fellow at George Mason University in Virginia. She is a Harvard graduate who taught English in China and Thailand for several years. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Los Angeles Review, Thin Air Magazine, and The Esthetic Apostle.
Qureshi, Maryam
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Rader, Alana
I was published here, but I have not updated my bio yet. Please check back.
Rady Kazdan, Barbara
I was published by 50 Haikus.
Ramirez, Lillian
Lillian Ramirez is most recently published in Briefly Write and The English Journal, but this is her debut haiku.
Weeping Willow
I am a full time community college student with a love for poetry and fantasy. It just so happens that Haiku was one of the first works of Japanese literature and poetry I took a great interest in, starting from a seventh grade history/art project, in which the class would write a haiku then paint a picture to match it. All I remember of my first haiku was that it was about a waterfall and the painting shows it was made by a twelve year old novice.

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