Welcome to 50 Haikus
The Serious Poetry Journal with the Funny Name.

All content is now free to read. Submissions are currently closed. 50 Haikus is a literary journal featuring only Haiku poetry in open form. Each issue contains exactly 50 Haiku poems by established and emerging poets. It is interesting to note that the word Haiku is both singular and plural. We selected the “50 Haikus” name because our editor’s son always called his first poetry book, his “Haikus Book” (Hi-Kuz) and that was adorable enough to remember.

The art of Haiku spans centuries and extends itself to all countries, originally revered by Japanese poets and now enjoyed by the whole world. Haiku themes are traditionally based in nature, but today all themes are practiced and accepted.

Although it is common to find constrained forms of Haiku, counting morae and marking the kigo etc., 50 Haikus looks only to the content of the poem. We want short lines with meaning. Poems should say a great deal in what amounts to a handful of words.

The history of poetry is important, and the voices of the past are often lovely and interesting. That said, if you are stuck in the past, reading poems written before you were born, you are missing out on what’s happening in the poetry world today. Our issues are filled with beautiful poems; each is hand-selected from the many works writers from around the world send us. These are relevant writers, active today, with all the cultural influences that make today’s poetry so interesting and telling.

Shop our paperbacks to get a copy of 50 Haikus in your hands. Our books make great gifts for anyone who loves poetry, and they are the perfect addition to any serious poetry collection. Online subscriptions are also available.