Problem Loading the Issues?

If you are having trouble seeing the issues, it is probably because the browser or device you are using isn’t something we use, and we could not predict the way our content display on your device. Today, there are so many browsers and cellphones, e-readers and so forth, and not everything works on every device exactly the same.

In general, to read issues click the icon displayed to enlarge the book. That works on most browsers that use Flash.

But Google Chrome doesn’t use Flash by default. If you see an error while you are using Chrome, enable Flash Player in the Chrome options, or click the link in the error message that the Chrome browser displays to view the in the mobile version. If you have trouble, be sure you are using a modern browser with Flash Player installed. Most home computers have these tools by default.

If the Flash version fails to load but the Mobile Version loads in your browser, and it is too small to read, look for the “More Settings” tab just to the right of the page numbers display in the top menu area. Mouse-over that and select full screen.

That should sort out most issues. If you still have trouble, change your browser, or check the issues out using a different device. We cannot troubleshoot every type of computer or cellphone. We do the best we can.